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They are resistant to most photographic chemicals, and come in four sizes, each with accurate, easy to read markings. 1200ml, 600ml, 300ml, 150ml and 45ml


Agitation of the processing solutions can be by inversion of the tank using the flexible water tight cap provided, or by rotary agitation using the agitation rod also provided.

In processing 300 ml of solution is required for a single 35mm film or 500ml for two 35mm and one 120 roll film.

It is essential that in use, the auto load reels are always used fixed onto the centre column provided. This ensures that the tank remains light tight during the processing cycle.


SIMPLICITY Film Developer
Film developer sachet contains:

  1. ILFOSOL 3 is characterized by its ability to produce fine grain results with high sharpness and full film speed, and it is particularly well-suited for use with medium-speed films.
  2. ILFOSTOP is a low odor, citric acid-based stop bath that stops the development process and helps to prolong the life and activity of the fixer solution. It is recommended to ensure accurate development times.
  3. RAPID FIXER is a rapid-acting, non-hardening fixer that should not be used with any hardeners.
  4. ILFOTOL is a non-ionic wetting agent that aids in rapid, even drying of film, helps to prevent water spots from forming, and promotes anti-static qualities.